By Martyn Lawrence

On Sunday Collingwood won against Carlton and it was a interview after the game that is creating the headlines from round 2 of AFLW.

Stacey Livingstone was the opponent to Tayla Harris, Livingstone played really well with Harris only scoring 1 goal for the game.

After the game Livingstone was interviewed on channel 7 by Georgie Parker. 

The quote from the interview that’s been getting all the headlines is If you keep her on the ground she’s useless.

 Yes I know the quote was much bigger than that but I thought I’d get straight to the important part.

Was useless the right word to say? 

Probably not but at least Livingstone was honest and telling viewers what she was thinking.

It’s so refreshing to hear a player giving a honest opinion rather than a cliche media trained answer such as we all gave 110% or its one week at a time like you so regularly hear in the media from the AFL players.

As a result of the interview the AFLW now has a major rivalry between Collingwood and Carlton. 

The next time Collingwood play Carlton there will be genuine interest in the matchup between Harris and Livingstone. 

Genuine rivalry between Players and teams creates interest in a sport. This rivalry will be fantastic for AFLW.