Side by side with my magpie sisters

Side by side with my magpie sisters by Fearny Fearn 

Side by side isn't just a line in the Collingwood theme song. 

It is also a phrase that has significant meaning.

I have been proudly on board supporting our Collingwood AFLW team since day 1 in late 2016 & have never looked back. 

Whilst we didn't have much in terms of huge success in our first 3 years, I have always stuck side by side with my magpie sisters every step of the way to celebrate the successes we had & help pick up the broken pieces in the hard, tough times. 

The last 9 months have been seen huge positive changes & that’s why it's always important to stick with your team through thick & thin & during the good & not so good, because we've been building to something huge, which we did in winning the 2019 VFLW Premiership & have carried that momentum on into 2020 AFLW campaign with a great 2-0 start to our 4th season, something never seen before. 

We're going leaps & bounds & it's getting very exciting! So this is why it's super important to stick SIDE BY SIDE with your team forever no matter what so the team knows they still have people out there supporting them ALWAYS. 

The rewards when they come certainly are worth the wait! I LOVE MY MAGPIE SISTERS FOREVER. 

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