You have to see it, to be it

                                                          You have to see it, to be it

                                                          By Maia Kelly

My Mum often tells me that when she was growing all her sports heroes were men. All the
posters on her bedroom walls and the players she watched at games were men. But it’s
different for me.

I can watch women play live and on the television. Coverage isn’t the best, but it is
improving. There is more interest in the women’s game and the crowds are bigger. Matches
are promoted more.

This is all great.

On Saturday I went to see an AFLW pre-season match between Carlton and North

The match was high quality and the crowd was good for a pre-season game.

North Melbourne was out of the blocks fast and surprised the Carlton crowd by scoring fast
and having most of the possession in the first half.

Carlton made a comeback in the last quarter, dominating the possession, but were unable to score enough goals to win.

The game ended 6.7 (43) - 8.3 (51) to North Melbourne.

After the game, fans stayed behind for ages to see the players and ask for photos and

The players were chatty and friendly and talked to fans.

Carlton forward, Tayla Harris, talked for a long time to lots of different supporters, including me, answering their questions and thanking them for their support.

Times have changed and the game keeps progressing because now that you can see it,
many girls like me, are inspired to be it.


  1. So pleased you have all these opportunities. Go get 'em!


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